Monday, September 1, 2008

Fair is fair: Al Gore at the DNC

I got a ridiculously high bump in web traffic last week because people were seeking information on Al Gore's upcoming speech at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night. For about three days, the top-ranked result of a Google search for "al gore democratic convention" was, of all things, this bagatelle from February, when the topic du jour was superdelegates.

I won't deny that post had a moment or two, but honestly--superdelegates? Remember when we cared about that?

So, after sucking up a lot of barely deserved traffic because of it, p3 proudly presents Gore's convention speech, without commercial interruption or editorial second-guessing.

p.s.: Al, the offer still stands: You're still welcome join us at Drinking Liberally the next time you're in town. Check your calendar--we'll work with you.

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