Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nice bit of spin: Joe Lieberman is John McCain's Hillary Clinton

Last week, Republicans (and silly Democrats) floated the claim that, if Obama had had any stones, he would have picked Hillary instead of Biden.

This week, it looks like that accusation cuts both ways; here's Obama spokesman Bill Burton yesterday:

If John McCain really wanted to show he's the maverick he purports to be, he wouldn't just have had Joe Lieberman giving a speech. He would have put Joe Lieberman on the ticket, but he was forced not to by the right wing of his party.


(Hat tip to AmericaBlog.)

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Lordlokipv said...

THe only spin is the Media, there been Proven fact Msnbc & CNN or on Barack Obama Payroll, Why do you think, the media are going after Sarah Palin so hard, She is a Honest threat, to Barack & Michelle Obama,

I voted for Hillary, but I will not dream, of Voting for Barack obams,
There a Lot of Barack Obama VOter & supporter out there told me that I am a Racist for not voting for Obama,,I had some just tell me, I am a Republican Rush Limbaugh Type,that is how Obama campaign Deal with things,,, Just Like Bush, If your not with Us Your Against US,
Well still Million of voter from hillary and Woman still not going to vote for barack Obama,
CNN & Msnbc or spinning Media controversy They are gong to deny giving Barack Obama a Pass,