Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ouch. That's going to leave a mark.

Online local upstart GoLocalPDX let the editorial board of The Oregonian have it in the chops on Friday, after the absentee journalism landlords of the former statewide daily called for the resignation of Gov. Kitzhaber for his conflict-of-interest and ethics problems.

The problem with the resignation call, as GoLocalPDX points out, has less to do with Kitzhaber's sins of omission and possibly of commission, which are not to be ignored, than with the O's editorial board imagining they have standing to offer so much as the cough of a sheep on a distant hillside.

After itemizing the political scandals that The O has watched other outlets run with over the last two decades -- a pretty substantial bill of indictment, especially considering they didn't even like Sam Adams -- GoLocalPDX concludes with this:

The Oregonian’s call for Kitzhaber’s resignation is premature and self-serving. While the Governor’s judgment seems impaired and his answers either failed or appeared misleading, he deserves his proverbial day in court.

The Oregonian, owned by out-of-state powers, should focus on serving their readers, curtail their sanctimony and focus on good journalism. Democracies work better that way.

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