Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quote of the day: Todos somos sospechosos

. . . there are not two issues here and, therefore, there is no need to "prioritize" one over the other. There is a single issue, and that issue is that we have become an over-policed society.
- Charlie Pierce, denying that we have to choose whether to be more concerned about outraged by the Snowden whistleblowing (both the content and the reaction) or civil liberties issues issues like “stop and frisk” or racial profiling. Read the whole thing, and find out why we are so completely screwed.

And yes, the 20-strong police force in Bloomingdale GA (2011 population 2778) does indeed have grenade launchers. Plus a whole lot of other military-grade toys they can't possibly need and have no business having. You can look it up.

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