Monday, August 26, 2013

The horrifying truth behind the Ben Affleck-Christopher Reeve Curse!

No, of course there's no such thing. I just figured Affleck/Batman story had already gotten silly enough that I couldn't lower the tone much if I cashed in with some obvious click bait.

I don't get everyone's problem with casting Ben Affleck as Batman in the forthcoming Superman-Batman team-up movie. If it's just that it's easy to get a cheap laugh by making fun of Affleck's bad movies – and the Academy Award-winner made some – then whatever.

If the Twitterverse is worried that casting Affleck will somehow diminish the awesomeness of the sequel . . . well, I just find that odd.

Since the sequel's going to build on this spring's “Man of Steel” reboot – a movie where you almost didn't notice the bad story-telling because it was buried under the tidal wave of mediocre CGI – I'm more concerned about what harm the movie could do to Affleck's career rather than what his performance might do to the movie. He doesn't need another stinkbomb superhero flick on his resume.

So far, I stand by my original observation: The main significance of Affleck being cast is that we now know the answer to the trivia question “who is the only actor to play both Batman and Superman?”

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