Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday morning toons

The Sunday round-up comes via Daryl Cagle.

There are a lot of "Hillarycare" toons this week, but all of them seem to be working the same wheeze, which is to remind us that her 1993 plan met with disastrous defeat. I'm not a big Hillary supporter, and I'm not really impressed with her new health care plan, but it doesn't seem to me that anyone's gotten anything very funny out of this angle. I think the impulse to take such an obvious shot spoiled the aim of some the cartoonists this time out.

p3 picks of the week: Daryl Cagle and Sandy Huffaker.

Special p3 palme d'or: Mike Lester (what can I say? I think penguins are intrinsically funny.).

Opus faces those five words that everyone fears: "Back away from the porcelean!" ( makes non-subscribers sit through some ads to get to the Premium content.)

And for your p3 moment of Toon Zen, the Comics Curmudgeon supplies the missing final panel to several of your favorite strips from last week. Beware the horrible giant man-eating duck-beast! (Ducks aren't as naturally funny as penguins, but horrible giant man-eating duck-beasts come pretty close.)

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