Friday, September 28, 2007

Oregon's share of the Iraq War (Part II): 64 casualties and counting

Yesterday we broke it down in terms of treasure; today we're showing who's contributed the most blood.

Click on the map to see a state-by-state total of Iraq Coalition casualties from the US. (State totals are also sorted by city, although not by name or date.)

As you'll see, big winners on the first map are generally the big winners on the second map. The casualty rate roughly follows the tax dollars rate from state to state: States that have shipped the most money to Washington to pay for Bush's War are generally the ones that have lost the most sons and daughters to the war, too. (Interesting factoid: At the moment, Oregon and Alabama have lost the same number to the war, although the population of Alabama is about one-quarter more.)

(Tip of the hat, yet again, to Doctor Beyond.)

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