Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oregon's share of the Iraq War: $3.7 billion and counting

The Center for American Progress has broken down how much each state has spent in tax dollars on the war and occupation, and built it into an interactive map.

Click on the image to find out how much war operations have cost each state to date, the estimated chunk each state will pay out of the 2008 appropriations, and the estimated total per state.
The Bush administration submit a request for an additional $42.3 billion in war-related funding to Congress today. This is on top of the extra funding already allocated to fund operations in Iraq and Afghanistan this year, which means that they are, in effect, requesting a supplemental for the supplemental.

The additional funds will bring the total amount of 2008 supplemental funding to $189.3 billion—a nearly 30 percent increase over the $142 billion that was requested in February of this year. The overwhelming majority—approximately $158 billion—will go to funding the war in Iraq. If approved, the total spending for the Iraq war would total $617 billion.

$3.7 billion is a lot of money, even for Republicans, but Oregonians got off light; the war has cost Texans an estimated total of $50 billion, New Yorkers $54.8 billion, and Californians $77.4 billion.

Funny thing, isn't it? You'd think all those rabid small government/no-tax pledge types would be the first in line to rein this in. And yet, with over a half a trillion dollars already seeping down into the Iraqi desert, they're nowhere to be found.

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