Sunday, January 14, 2007

Just for the record

Jon Stewart was right in 2004: Tucker Carlson really is a dick.

The Bow-Tied One recently brought in his lawyers to get a DC video rental clerk fired after the latter snarkily mentioned on his blog that Tucker had opened an account at his store.

But that kind of thin-skinned excess just makes him a typical cable TV-level celebrity; the truly choice bit was his defense of his actions: "I don't like to call the police or call his boss. . . . I'm a libertarian. I'm not into that."

Ah yes. Libertarianism: the second-to-last refuge of the scoundrel. How well I remember, back in college, the first time I read John Stewart Mill's brilliant explanation of why public figures should be able to "[expletive] destroy" anyone who mentions their name on a blog with a small readership.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Tucker is a tool. And his manufactured explanations for why he did what he did are....well manufactured and absurd

Anonymous said...

what a great guy.

he's not into calling the police, yet he doesnt mind calling the lawyers.