Sunday, January 14, 2007

After a decade, could the mainstream news media finally be learning a new story line?

It appears at least possible.

Consider two headlines this weekend that, until very recently, would have caused the headline-writer's fingers to burst into flames at the keyboard:
Newly in the Minority, G.O.P. Shows Signs of Division on Iraq And Domestic Policy (NYTimes)

House GOP Shows Its Fractiousness In the Minority (Washington Post)

This is pretty amazing. Until two months ago, if the Republicans had been stabbing each other in the aisles with homemade shivs, the headlines would still have been about divisiveness and disarray among the Dems. (Remember, back before Thanksgiving, how the contest for Majority Whip "proved" that Pelosi couldn't control her people, etc.? Heard anything about that lately? Say, in the last 100 hours?)

On the other hand, this is exactly the kind of thing that, allowed to continue, could put Bob Somerby right out of business. Has anyone checked to make sure he's okay? (Yes, turns out he's just fine. The blogosphere breathes a little easier.)

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