Monday, April 13, 2015

The long-awaited update of the Secret GOP Playlist

One of the strange and recurring things about the GOP – most definitely including their <airquotes>libertarian</airquotes> wing – is that their battle on behalf of law and order, property rights, and the sacredness of the contract lasts only until the next time someone needs a bracing campaign theme:
[Self-styled libertarian Republican presidential candidate Rand] Paul was supposed to be different. One of his pitches for why he deserves a chance to run for president is that he is better at engaging the young crowd than the typical Republican candidate. That may have been merely wishful thinking, because in less than 24 hours, Paul’s team has been revealed to have about as much grasp on the Internet as your grandparents.

His nascent campaign is failing on every corner of cyberspace. As with Cruz, Paul launched a presidential announcement video to coincide with his big speech. Unfortunately for potential voters curious to see it, the video has been blocked by YouTube for copyright infringement. […]

The video uses the John Rich song “Shuttin’ Detroit Down,” which Paul’s team either didn’t get the rights to or failed to notify YouTube of before their copyright flaggers pulled the video. Either way, Paul’s big announcement is a deadlink.
Paul has attempted, with terribly limited success, to position himself apart from the Republican mainstream. But when it comes to boosting pop music for his campaign, he stands in a long GOP tradition.

So, to update the p3 box scores:

Artist: John Rich
Music in Question: "Shuttin' Detroit Down."
Lyric that makes it sound like a bad choice for a Republican anyway: "Because in the real world they're shuttin' Detroit down/ While the boss man takes his bonus paid jets on out of town / DC's bailing out them bankers as the farmers auction ground"
Did they secure permission to use the music? Apparently not.
Did they use it anyway? Yup.

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