Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday very late afternoon toons tunes: Fame -- a four-play

I admit that I've had had my doubts about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a genuine metric of greatness, but I have to say that this year's class of inductees includes some artists who seriously have it coming.

Ringo Starr, inducted for his solo albums, although a separate induction for his iconic drum work with the Fab Four would be fair:

Joan Jett, mezzo-soprano front for The Blackhearts (inexplicably pegged by Google as simply "guitarist," which is a little like pigeon-holing Lew Reed as a "crooner") just because the Queen of Rock and Roll totally has it coming:

And speaking of whom, Lew Reed for setting rock on a new set of tracks:

And finally, another artist who's owned the jukeboxes of America for decades:

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