Monday, December 15, 2014

2:01pm Pacific Time: I'm out

The bastards got Darley over a week ago.

Today I lost my own annual War on "The Little Drummer Boy."  I had lunch in a nearby sushi-bento restaurant in the mistaken belief that it would offer safe haven. But XM Radio nailed me with the third or fourth song, a guitar and mandolin version of TLDB sung by some earnest, throbbing-voice fellow who sounded like he was singing about his pickup truck, not the birth of Jesus.

December 15th is my third-best showing since we started keeping official stats: Best was December 20th (2013); second-best was December 17th (2011).  There were several years when I didn't make it out of November.

So that's it for me until 12:01am November  27th, 2015. I'll see you all then.

To Josh, Steve, Hunter, and anyone else who's still in the game, may the odds be ever with you.

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