Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Quote of the day: Why is the Iraq War like using a CB radio?

No elite voice in this country seems capable of coming to terms with the fact that the Iraq war was "lost" the moment it was launched. It was lost because it was based on lies and deception. It was lost because it violated international law. What a pathetic narrative people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham regurgitate this late in the game: that things were "won" in Iraq by Bush the Younger and then "lost" by Obama with the US withdrawal. We lose IQ points even listening to that drivel.
- Joseph A. Palermo, winding up one of the best – of many, many, many – essays this week on why no one anywhere should be listening to the opinion of the Zombie Iraq Warhawks.

Palermo's piece is going on the p3 Readings list.

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