Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Quote of the day: Tip of the iceberg?

This can’t be emphasized enough. A lot of Tea Party types in Congress are driven by hatred, anger, prejudice, and fear, but on top of that a great many of them are also really, really, really dumb. […]

Basically, they are people who if they’d been members of the crew would have dealt with the water gushing in through the hole the iceberg ripped in hull of the Titanic by opening a hole on the other side of the ship to let the water out.
- Lance Mannion, surveying the wreckage of the Tea Party's aborted efforts to end the Affordable Care Act, keep the federal government shut down, and default on federal debt payments.

Have to be honest: I didn't think the House Republicans would cave so suddenly, that they would take so little in exchange for caving, or – if it came to that – that they would ever again utter John Boehner's name without spitting on the sidewalk.

Nevertheless, I worry about what will happen when they next reach the can they just kicked down the road.

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