Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A quantum of umbrage: Wingnut welfare is forever

I share Charlie Pierce's shock and dismay upon discovering that this guy hasn't been dead for years:
Will the sad detritus of the Saint Ronnie administration ever stop fouling American public life? We have Our Lady Of The Magic Dolphins on the teevee almost every weekend. We had a whole clutch of the foreign-policy fantasts rehabilitated during the late reign of C-Plus Augustus. And now, this guy, who once advocated concentration camps for student demonstrators, who personally oversaw the most embarrassing "investigation" into the porn industry ever conducted, and who functioned as lookout and getaway driver for the Iran-Contra crooks, up to and including the increasingly dim president himself, comes back to help screw up the nation again. Nobody listens to Gary Hart, but Edwin Meese III still has a place in public life. Wingnut welfare is forever.
I remember hearing an NPR story in the early days of the Clinton administration, when the “Arkansas Project” was just gaining traction -- Whitewater! Vince Foster! Rural airstrips! Cattle futures! -- and it included a quote from Meese, of all people, solemnly reminding listeners that “no President is above the law.”

I fired off a comment to NPR saying that this was like then-Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson saying that “no NBA player should spend time in the air.”

I don't believe it was read on-air. Maybe they read it to themselves but didn't get it. See, I was comparing the greatness of Michael “Air” Jordan to that of Ronald “Above the Law” Reagan. Ahem.

I thought it was funny. Shut up.

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