Monday, May 20, 2013

Don't forget unsportsmanlike conduct and contravening the 1714 Riot Act

The Saturday Oregonian had a front-page story about a busy identity thief who came a cropper when he stole the ID, credit cards, and whatnot from the gym locker of a Multnomah County circuit judge.

The thief, one Thomas Joseph Berndt II, was found guilty of 94 counts, including identity theft, burglary, and unauthorized use of a vehicle, and sentenced to 13 years.

A few paragraphs later, though, the Oregonian's report included this graph:
Deputy district attorney Chuck Mickley said Berndt also inconvenienced victims -- twice taking their key rings from their lockers so he could drive their cars a short distance, then pillage them knowing their owners wouldn't walk up and catch him in the act.
Okay, “pillaging” at least has the virtue of being colorful, but adding “inconveniencing” to the already-considerable list of Berndt's offenses? That just feels like we're piling on.

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