Monday, April 22, 2013

A quantum of umbrage: Our sick sad country

The free market in action:
NRA member Timothy Campbell of Dallas, Texas, says he has called Boston and MIT police departments over a dozen times since the murder of an MIT police officer last Thursday, but neither department has been willing to release the exact brands and models of guns used. While many cite fears that guns like the ones used in acts of terrorism or mass murder will be targeted for stricter regulation or even banning by the government, Campbell, an avid gun collector, says he recognizes that the odds that access to such weapons would be restricted are "essentially zero," he still is eager to purchase the guns as soon as the Tsarnaev weapons are identified. "I don't really know why I want to own them so bad," he said during an interview conducted this morning. "I guess it's probably a penis thing."

Gee, Tim. You think?

And here's the reason that the arms industry doesn't want to prevent mass shootings: they're good for business.
An executive with a prominent gun manufacturer said that having one of a company's guns used in an incident of mass murder or terrorism can represent a substantial boon to profits.
Oh, yeah -- and all those munitions-manufacturing corporations that are profiting off the carnage -- that are in fact building the carnage into their business model? A majority of the Supreme Court says they're people.

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