Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday morning toons: Mitt Romney's worst week ever, so far

(Updated below.)

The Boca Raton video was bad, but the Univision appearance in the spray-on tan was probably worse.

Oh yeah, and something about another iPhone?

Today's toons were taken completely out of context, off a secretly-recorded video, from the week's pages at GoComics,, Slate, Time,, and Daryl Cagle:

p3 Picks of the Week: Mike Luckovich, Joel Pett, Steve Sack, R. J. Matson, Chad Lowe, Jimmy Margulies, Jeff Danziger, Rob Tornoe, Jeff Parker, Jen Sorenson, Signe Wilkenson, and Monte Wolverton.

p3 Award for Best Adaptation from Another Medium (tie): Kevin Siers and Mike Luckovich.

p3 Zen Koan Award (Part 1): Jim Morin.

p3 Zen Koan Award (Part 2): Randy Bish.

p3 “Putting the 'Jesus' in 'Exigesis'" Medal: Mike Luckovich.

p3 World Toon Review: Ingrid Rice (Canada), Sergei Tunin (Russia), Cam Cardow (Canada), and Petar Pismestrovic (Austria). Special musical tribute to PP.

Ann Telnaes inspects some dirty laundry.

Mark Fiore brings the intercultural challenge: Why do they hate us? Stay for the end credits.

Taiwan's Next Media Animation reveals a sad, sad story. Can Monica's “tell-all” have more salacious details than the Starr Report? (For my own small connection to l'affaire Lewinski, go here.)

(Update: I misspoke. I actually have a second small connection to l'affaire Lewinski.)

I used to teach my students that if something can get you killed, it's real. I was talking about the power of language, but Scott Stantis is talking about the power of cartoons.

The Tooth is Out There: Hats off to Heather, who found Mad Magazine #358 (June 1997) while cleaning the house (or so she claims), and smacked it down on the counter for me. Now I have to go home and dig out my copy of Rolling Stone #754 (February 1997) as a gesture of appreciation.

Tom Tomorrow hears the sound of crickets chirping in the distance.

Keith Knight asks a simple question -- with a four-letter word answer.

Tom the Dancing Bug brings us the latest self-reflexive adventure of God-Man, the omnipotent super-hero.

Red Meat's Ted Johnson waits until the family's in bed before indulging in porn.

Why in heaven's name did I enjoy this? Clutch Cargo (and Space Angel) were short cliff-hanger stories dreadfully -- I would go so far as to say creepily -- animated by a process called Syncro-Vox, by which the charcters' mouths were overlaid with matted live animation, but the rest of the animation was about one photocopy every five seconds. One mark of the low-budget animation is the extent that it relies on narration to keep the story going. (On the other hand, on the DVD of “The Incredibles” there's a loving two-episode tribute to the Syncro-Vox stories starring Mr. Incredible and Frozone So, you know, it's not just me.)

If your browser won't display the embedded version, click here.

The p3 Big Oregon Toon Block:

Jack Ohman warns Portland of the danger from people showing active aggression or who are actively resisting.

Matt Bors reveals Obama's jobs program. Take that, Mitt!

Jesse Springer takes a pessimistic view of the future of marijuana laws in Oregon:

Test your toon-captioning mojo at The New Yorker's weekly caption-the-cartoon contest. (Rules here.)

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