Monday, September 17, 2012

Quote of the day: Crapola chronicle

Official Historian of the Great Deeds of White People Tom Hanks apparently has signed aboard the film adaptation of Bill O'Reilly's crapola chronicle of Abe's murder, a farrago of bullshit so extraordinary that the historians at Ford's Theater refused to sell it. Nice work, Tom. Tell us about astronauts again.
That's Charlie Pierce on . . . well, you can see what he's obviously on about.

Tom Hanks has, for many years, suffered from Oliver Stone Syndrome, a condition in which, if the sufferer makes a blockbuster movie about a historical person or era, they gradually come to believe they own it.

At a time when the remaining World War II vets were dying at the rate of about 1 a day, the “Saving Private Ryan”-besotted Hanks thought what America really needed was another memorial competing for space and status on the National Mall, and not -- you know -- actually looking after the health and well-being of those still-surviving vets. Or defending policies that recognized their sacrifice like the GI Bill.

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