Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Doonesbury: Too much for The Oregonian, Day 3

As most of its readers are aware by now, The Oregonian has bailed on Doonesbury this week, rather than run the strips satirizing Texas and the other Republican-controlled state legislatures who are introducing -- or have already passed -- bills designed simply to humiliate women seeking legal abortions.

Here's today's Doonesbury strip. (Remember: The Oregonian isn't sure you can handle it!)

As you probably also know, this isn't the first time that newspapers with conservative editorial boards have abruptly lost their interest in defending Trudeau's strips featuring unpopular (to them) viewpoints. For example, on October 27, 1980, the Indianapolis Star, then owned by Dan Quayle's in-laws, was among two dozen papers around the country that dropped a two-week Doonesbury strip in which reporter Roland Headly takes readers on an ABC Close-Up tour of “Reagan's Brain.”

And that was several years before St. Ronnie began presenting symptoms of Alzheimer's that no one in the loop acknowledged until after he left office.

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