Monday, February 27, 2012

Six years ago in p3: A moment of prescience

Last week was (possibly) the final GOP presidential primary debate of 2011-2012 -- an event notable, like the earlier debates in the series, for the utter absence of any mention of the 43rd President, George W. Bush.

Here's what I was writing about the same week in 2006:
The neoconservatives (and to a lesser extent [...] the fundamentalist right) are positioning themselves to cut loose of Bush and his ambitions for a "legacy," if it becomes necessary, by denouncing Bush as not a "real neoconservative" (or "real fundamentalist wacko," whichever).

(The fundamentalists are about to get their most fevered wet dream of the last thirty years--the evisceration, if not flat-out overturning, of Roe v. Wade--so they may not be ready to cut Bush adrift yet. Yet.)

But the "movement conservatives," always more loyal to the movement than to the utensil the president, can smell trouble.
Also from p3 in February 2006, a five-part series on “Republican Corruption by the Numbers,” preserving voter-owned elections in Portland, the Bush administration's very-public code of omerta, and an appraisal of Portland's prospects for hosting the 2008 GOP national convention.

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