Monday, February 27, 2012

Quote of the day: The rigorous logic of anti-choice enthusiasts

Here's a first-form syllogism offered up by a right-wing blogger to demonstrate why liberal opposition to attacks on women's reproductive freedom is, by definition, unjust:
It is always possible that a liberal will have a just cause to hate something, but if it is a just cause, then a conservative will hate it, too.
Since conservatives don't hate limiting women's reproductive health choices -- in fact, they loves it a whole lot -- this is incontrovertible proof that liberal opposition to such limits is not a just cause.

Quod, as they say, Erat Demonstrandum.

Yeah, and how did the that Civil Rights Act thing work out for you guys?

The quote is via Roy Edroso at , who had the mental toughness to track down representative instances of right-wing bloggers' thoughts on the subject from the last couple of weeks. (Better you than me, sir.) No way I was ever going to link to the original source.

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