Thursday, June 16, 2011

The unforgiving minute: On not throwing the GOP into the briar patch

I normally consider Robert Kuttner to be a pretty smart guy, but this comment on Weiner's resignation is breathtakingly clueless:

Those who pointed out that a long list of Republican hypocrites like Sen. David Vitter have committed more explicit sexual acts (Vitter visited whores), but managed to hang on to their seats missed the point, too. If Republicans have a higher tolerance for sleaze, let them be the party of double standards.

(Emphasis added.)

Earth to Kuttner: The Republicans already are the party of double standards, and no one cares. (Kuttner's remark is itself glaring evidence of this.) Does Kuttner believe the Republicans would consider being treated as the party of double standards a punishment? That it would teach them a lesson of some kind? Make them mend their ways? Put them at some kind of political disadvantage?

Ridiculous. It's what they've been positioning themselves to be for a generation.

Minute's up.

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