Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crime week continues at p3: The Portland Pub Crawl of Infamy

Only a faint trace or two in the ether remains of Portland indie mag Oregonizm ("Culture on the Edge"), which is too bad.

From their May-June 2007 issue, p3 is proud to present "The Infamous Pubcrawl Checklist," the definitive bar-hopper's guide to the nexus of Portland demimonde and Portland bar scene, written by Ryan Arch and illustrated by Bobby Madness.

Interested in such essential bits from the dark side of Portlandia as:

  • The bar where Tonya Harding went to dispose of the evidence?
  • The bar with the jukebox where Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love first met?
  • The bar where a couple of anarchists were arrested by the feds for plotting a presidential assassination?
  • The bar where the I-5 killer stalked his prey?

Face it, Portlanders: Your bucket list just got a few items longer. (Click images to enlarge.)

(Thanks to Ryan.)

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