Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The weekly p3 Oregon news limerick challenge

Bad news for followers of Calliope, the muse of poetry:

TJ of Loaded Orygun (who was for almost a year my ticket to broadcast immortality by reading my Oregon news limericks on the Carl + Christine Show on KPOJ each Monday morning) is moving on up to a new arrangement with them, and it looks like that particular weekly artistic contribution of mine to the larger political conversation could fall through the cracks.

At least for the moment. It ain't over until it's over.

If you liked the limerick challenge and want to bring it back to KPOJ--and I mean, how can you not? Hm? Really?--I can't see any reason not to let the good folks KPOJ know. Contact info for Carl, Christine, and producer Paul Pimentel is here. (Internet streaming and podcast listeners, as well as locals, are welcome to weigh in.)

And if you feel the need for talking points, we've got something short, sweet, and memorable that should do the trick:

Vox populi, vox dei. (You could also mention that April is National Poetry Month. Just remember to be nice. Nobody likes a poetry bully.)

And while we're waiting for the groundswell of popular opinion to wash over the KPOJ studios, here's this week's limerick. Fill in the blank with the missing word or phrase from Oregon news. The answer is in the Comments section, below.

Ready? Begin!

Greenhouse gas--we've got more than enough.
But the reason could make you feel gruff.
The main cause of our plight?
Seems George Carlin was right:
It's 'cause Portlanders have so much ____________.

Bonus limerick: On the subject of nominating a replacement for Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, Mad Kane has a request.

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Nothstine said...

Answer: Stuff.


The story: According to a Metro study, it's not driving cars and heating homes that's producing most of the greenhouse gas in the Portland area--it's our stuff, and the manufacturing, shipping, and waste disposal that all that stuff requires. Those three account for 48% of the greenhouse gas produced in the tri-county area annually. Natural gas and fossil fuel use--the culprit most of us would blame first--accounts for 27%, and transit, cars, and trucks another 25%.

Quote: "Consumption matters as much as manufacturing and transportation," according to the Metro report.