Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday morning toons: Special "Up, down, forward, back" edition

High points this week: The Olympics move forward, the Tea Party gets down, health insurer rates go up, Tiger Woods wishes he could take it all back. This and more on the p3 Sunday toon review.

Let's start of with Daryl Cagle's toon round-up for the week:

p3 Picks of the Week: Mike Luckovich, Mike Lester, Nate Beeler, Pat Bagley, Bob Englehart, Jeff Parker, John Trever, David Fitzsimmons, Steve Sack, Henry Payne, Joe Heller, Brian Fairrington, Rob Roberts, Bob Gorrell, and Monte Wolverton.

p3 Best in Show: Ron Matson.

p3 Wingnut Iron Cross Medal: Bill Day.

p3 Wingnut Iron Double-Cross Medal: John Darkow.

p3 World Toon Review: Patrick Chappatte (Switzerland), Stephane Peray (Thailand), Pavel Constantin, (Romania), Christo Komarnitzki (Bulgaria), and Paresh Nath (India).

Ann Telnaes figures that, if you freely admit to committing war crimes. you can't really have a healthy relationship with the whole idea of justice.

Mark Fiore says, tune in live to the Bipartisan Brawl-a-thon!

Portland homeboy Jack Ohman wonders about the value of instant numbers.

Get a couple of songboids today! In the two decades following WWII, Paul Terry animated Heckle and Jeckle, and (the original, pre-Bakshi) Mighty Mouse, and even Tom Terrific, whom "Captain Kangaroo" loyalists of a certain age will remember. Here's Heckle and Jeckle from 1948:

p3 Bonus Toon: What's the point of a victory, Jesse Springer asks, if you're not going to use it to leverage yourself to your next victory?

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