Monday, February 15, 2010

The LO/KPOJ "Lost Limerick Challenge"

For security's sake, this week's Loaded Orygun/KPOJ Oregon news limericks--composed by me--were written on the palm of Sarah Palin's left hand until 7.30am this morning, at which time they were copied down and read by quizmaster TJ of Loaded Orygun, to be answered by Carl, Christine, and Paul, on the KPOJ 620AM's Carl + Christine show. They're now posted at LO.

Analysis of the Oregon gubernatorial race (call it the free verse part of the program) ate into limerick time this morning. So once again, p3 readers get a little something extra: Fill in the blank with the word or phrase from this week's Oregon news (and give yourself bonus points for identifying the ironic connection between the two items):

Though the habitat's friends raised alarm
They've been left little choice but disarm.
Didn't take much accountin'
To decide that Steens Mountain
Will be home to a brand-new ___________.

This is stewardship at its hard core-est
And it's Oregon at its Al Gore-est.
It will help Klamath County
to preserve nature's bounty--
It's a plan for our newest ___________ .

(The answer can be found in the Comments below, or in this week's Spanning the State at Loaded Orygun.)

Bonus limerick: Mad Kane shares what is arguably a somewhat-jaded limerick on the subject of St. Valentine's Day.


Nothstine said...

Answer #1: Wind farm

The story: Environmentalists still aren't happy with the idea of a wind farm going through natural habitat on Steens Mountain's north slope.

But it's part of $1.2 billion in investment money from Columbia Energy Partners of Vancouver, for 4 such projects in Harley County. And that made approval a no-brainer for the county--where unemployment was 15% last month.

Answer #2: State forest

The story: The Oregon Board of Forestry approved purchase of 43,000 acres of forest land 50 miles south of Bend, the first step to acquiring 100,000 acres in the area.

They're doing it with the help of the non-profit Conservation Fund, which purchases ecologically important land until public purchase can happen.

Assuming the whole deal comes together, it will be the first new state forest in Oregon in 70 years.

Mad Kane said...

Jaded? Moi? :)

Nice pair of limericks. I fear I failed fill-in-the blanks this time. Guess it's the price of being a New Yawker.