Monday, January 25, 2010

The LO/KPOJ "Lost Limerick Challenge"

This morning's Oregon news limericks, as written by me, read by quizmaster TJ of Loaded Orygun, and answered by Carl, Christine, and Paul, on the KPOJ 620AM's Carl + Christine show, are posted at LO.

Once again, despite precision accounting, there was one limerick too many, and you get to reap the puzzle-solving benefit. Fill in the blank with the word or phrase from this week's Oregon news:

Portland's streetcars cause no traffic jams;
Others point with some pride to its tram,
But the cycling-obsessed
Know why Portland's the best . . .
Well, except for one place: ________________.

(The answer can be found in the Comments below, or in this week's Spanning the State at Loaded Orygun.)

Bonus limericks: We proudly present for your politico-aesthetic contemplation Ode to Weak-Kneed Democrats and Ode to Odious Corporate Personhood, two political limericks from p3's newest blogroll buddy, Mad Kane.


Nothstine said...

The answer: Amsterdam. [Imagine William Shatner, trapped miles underground on the Genesis planet, shaking his fist at the cave roof and roaring, "Amsterda-a-a-am!!"]

An international travel site rated the bicycle friendliness of cities all around the world.

In the pentathlon of engineering, encouragement, evaluation and planning, education, and enforcement, Portland ranks second on the entire planet only to Amsterdam, the acknowledged Mecca of urban cycling.

But Portland's #2--so take that, Davis, California!

Mad Kane said...

Thanks so much for linking to my latest political limericks. And congrats on your ability to regularly create local news limericks. That's no easy task!

Nothstine said...

The trick is to avoid news items in which the nub of the story is an unrhymeable word. If the entire state legislature turns orange this week, for example, they won't get a limerick.

The radio host who plays the limerick game on Monday mornings claims to be waiting, waiting, waiting, for "There once was a girl from Nantucket." So I'm always on the lookout for Oregon news stories involving a bucket--of which there aren't many out there.

But we all live in hope.

Mad Kane said...

Re the Nantucket verse, I recommend that you duck it.

Nothstine said...

Heh. Indeed. There could be a trend, but I'll buck it.

As I said, we all live in hope.

Rest assured, I'll give you a heads-up if it happens.