Thursday, November 12, 2009

A year later, and "push" predictions were pretty much spot-on

Here's a bit from a p3 post from a year ago this week:

How far to the left or the right will Obama govern?

The answer, which I consider especially smart even by Digby standards, since I've been saying much the same thing since last spring: Obama will govern just as far to the left as he's pushed into doing by the left itself, and probably not much farther.

I still think that, even at the time, that was pretty much a tap-in, so this isn't about a victory dance--especially in light of the status of DADT and the wobbly history to date of health care reform. Instead, the post is looking over again partly because it quotes lavishly from Digby's take on the subject, and partly because it features the ACLU's proposed "to-do" list for Obama's first day in office, first 100 days, and first year.

The ACLU's lens being what it is, their list tends noticeably toward domestic policy issues, although defending civil liberties is also at the heart of such foreign policy issues as rescinding the abortion gag rule on foreign aid restoring the rule of law for Gitmo detainees (as well as closing Gitmo down).

Check out Digby's analysis and the ACLU's wish list and see how they stand up as a yardstick, a year later.

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