Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday tunes: "But I don't see you wavin' now"

Sometime after Arthur Murray Dance Party, "Shindig," and "Hullabaloo"--but before "Midnight Special"--many rock 'n' rollers setting out to lip-sync their latest single on TV often appeared on Dick Clark-produced "Where the Action Is," which aired on ABC from 1965 to 1967. ("WTAI's" unofficial house band was Paul Revere and the Raiders, featuring Portland's Mark Lindsay.)

Here, performing the 1965 Ur-punk classic that put them at #210 on the Rolling Stone's "Top 500 Greatest Songs of All Time," are ? and the Mysterians.

Long before The Artist Formerly Known as Prince changed his name to that unpronounceable glyph, the story was that the Mysterians front singer known as ? had actually legally changed his name to the famous interrogative punctuation mark. Other fun ? facts to know and trade: ?'s actual name has been tracked down through the Library of Congress, but he has refused to acknowledge that it is indeed his name. He also claims he is from Mars and lived with dinosaurs, and--although he's almost certainly old enough to qualify for Medicare (but the band's official web site describes him as defying age--never appears in public without the sunglasses.

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