Thursday, October 1, 2009

Conservatives and the media: The lonely burden of being right

And I was right; although it was so easy I probably shouldn't brag.

Here's the first of "four rules of American politics to which all sides (Republicans, Democrats, and media) apparently agree," which I posted two weeks ago:

1. Anything that a Democrat says about a Republican that is true is automatic ground to demand an apology from the Democrat.

And here are the solemn, even shocked scribes of CNN proving me absolutely right last night:

Except, of course, that Grayson apparently didn't get the memo.

Go figure.

1 comment:

Joe White said...

"says about a Republican that is true"

So if Grayson is telling the truth, please cite exactly which Republican put forward a plan which tells sick people to die.

Provide links so that we can all see that a Republican actually did propose this plan as 'truthful' Grayson says they did.