Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The weekly KPOJ/Loaded Orygun "Spanning the State" Limerick Challenge

For the last month or two, TJ's Monday morning appearances during the 7-8am hour of the Morning Show on KPOJ 620AM have featured a news quiz for Carl, Christine, and Paul that I'd prepared based on Oregon news stories I covered in StS the previous day. I write them up, TJ sells them in that mellifluous tenor voice of his, and Carl, Christine, and Paul provide the answers--if they can!

We experimented with different formats for the competition: First we tried "Feats of Strength," but, although those in the studio say it was fascinating to watch, it was such a largely-visual experience it didn't lend itself well to the medium of radio. Then we tried "The Airing of Grievances," but we quickly found that was wrong for radio too, although for completely different reasons. So finally, we've settled on a quiz format we're having a lot of fun with: the Limerick Challenge.

And behind the scenes the LO Legal Department, where there are so many white shoes it's blinding (and the only part of the organization to show a profit in 2008), have been tasked with fending off TROs from NPR's "Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me!" (Sorry, guys, but neither the limerick form nor the fill-in-the-blank quiz format can be trademarked. We checked.)

Here's this week's StS Limerick Challenge--match wits with the pros and see how you do.

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WritingToEducate said...

Nice work, Nothstine!
p.s. I hope you're getting PAID for this. You should be.