Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm not sure "awareness" is really the problem here

As Digby dryly observed, it's depressing to believe this is even necessary in the US, but such is the point at which we've arrived:

The National Religious Campaign Against Torture has declared June Torture Awareness Month.

They intend "awareness" in the sense of "refusal to continue looking the other way," of course, which is at least a little sterner than simply encouraging us to "notice" it. So it has its logic, although it strikes me as a little wishy-washy on a topic that shouldn't provide much middle ground. (Still, under the circumstances, I can see why they didn't go with, say, "Waterboard Torturers Month," however pithy and memorable that might seem.)

And, while the NRCAT asserts that "torture is a moral issue," I'm happy to see that the bumper stickers available at their online store recognize it's also a legal one. I wish them luck in their campaign. (You can sign their statement of conscience here.)

Of course, however delicate they're being about the topic, there are still some gaps in the NRCAT coalition, most conspicuously the 54% of all church-going Americans who, according to a Pew study last month, approve of torture.

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