Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time to update my résumé

Good news:

Time Magazine very conspicuously did not list p3 among the 5 most overrated blogs, which can only mean that we're among the underrated, right?


Chuck Butcher said...

Since somebody reads my stuff I must be over-rated

Nothstine said...

Nah, I figure it means you're not under- or over-rated--just right.

It's the 'Goldilocks' theory of blog traffic.


Anonymous said...

Karen Tumilty wrote the Time article - she's the worst - chief Al Gore basher.
Like your comments LOL

Chuck Butcher said...

Until this last week when I didn't post I've spent the majority of time in about the middle of BNN's top 20 "Most Influential" OR blogs. I have no comment about what that means in regard to the other 19 but Influential seems a bit strong in my case.