Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Colbert ratchets up the treatment for Limbaugh and GOP

The Colbert Report let a good bit of its usual ironic distance slip in last night's edition of "The Wørd." The topic was Colbert's celebration of the new leader of the Republican party: sexual tourist and hillbilly heroin addict Rush Limbaugh.

But even Colbert's cheerful-idiot manqué doesn't do much to soften the blow of some of this material. It's still funny as hell, but considerably harsher than usual.

This, for example, is one of the nicer moments from the segment:

[Colbert plays Limbaugh's voice, which is now the ringtone on his phone:]

Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society.

[Colbert continues:]

So true! It's kind of like what talk radio does for unattractive men.

And then he starts playing rough. See for yourself:

The sign that the gloves were off for this one: Several of the deepest cuts were delivered not by the ironic alter-ego voice of the Wørd beside him on-screen, which usually slips in the subversive punchline to Colbert's unself-aware set-ups, but en claire by Colbert himself.

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