Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy birthday, Jane Austen

Here's one of my favorite moments from my favorite Austen novel: the Elizabeth Bennet/Lady Catherine smackdown in Pride and Prejudice:

Of course, even the best filmed version of P&P (and I think the 1995 Brit mini-series is the one) must fall short of the genuine article. Still, I think Jennifer Ehle absolutely nails Elizabeth.

(The costumer for that series evidently subscribed to the historical theory that parents of the time protected the reputation of marriageable daughters simply by putting them in the most godawfully ugly dresses imaginable.)


ianimaru said...

Happy birthday to Jane Austen, she great actress

Nothstine said...

Not many people remember that Austen was an actress; she's mostly known for her writing.


torridjoe said...

Dang, I just KNEW I forgot something at the grocery store last night! Birthday card!!!

Nothstine said...

See, TJ--this is exactly why you never get a second date with 19th century writers anymore.

Everyone knows my Jane is all about the simple courtesies.