Friday, October 31, 2008

Government By Three-Year-Olds


Despite his felony conviction this week for filing false U.S. Senate financial disclosure forms, Republican Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska insisted he was innocent and vowed not to step down.

"I have not been convicted of anything," he maintained during a Thursday night debate in Anchorage, only days before Tuesday's election.

I can think of at least one federal judge (plus a prosecutor and a jury) who would be surprised to hear the news.

Still, at this point, and since Stevens is a Republican, I suppose you can't really blame him for thinking it--and certainly not for saying it even if he doesn't think it.

What Republican in 8 years has paid a price for saying things in public that were understood by all to be completely false and refuted by the obvious facts at hand? Why should Stevens expect things to change this week?

It's like Government By Three-Year-Olds:
Teddy! Did you break Mommy's lamp with your baseball bat?

. . . No . . .

Teddy, is that Mommy's lamp in pieces on the floor beside you?

. . . No . . .

Teddy, are you holding a baseball bat right now?

. . . No . . .

(Thanks to Doctor TV.)

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