Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kids. What can you do with them?

(Link repaired.)

I've written before about the GOP's pod farms for growing young conservatives to create, and eventually take the place of, the likes of Rove, Atwater, Abramhoff, Reed, and Norquist when the time comes.

They were one motivated little bunch of true believers when they were the angry post-Watergate outsiders, and even more so when they could ride the Reagan-to-Gingrich wave. And of course the Bush administration has been a full-employment program for them all, right down to the most mediocre graduate of Regent University.

But now it's not as much fun to be a Republican, especially when the party is being led by an angry old guy, and the young Republicans are feeling a little . . . disappointed. Misunderstood.

Abandoned. Neglected.

Consider the case of one young Web 2.0 conservative:

[McCain's] campaign has never sent All a text message, he complains.

You have to read the whole thing. Really. Poor babies.

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