Sunday, May 11, 2008

The unforgiving minute

A few years back, I created for my own amusement the Maureen Dowd Non-Drinking Game.

If I find myself reading a column by the Queen of Mean Girls (an almost extinct pastime), I simply read until I come to the first sentence that is completely silly, obnoxious, or simply untrue (or gruesome, as Bob Somerby would put it). Then I put the column aside and move on to something a little more enlightening.

This week I made it as far as the first sentence. (Actually, the headline alone would have done it, but someone else wrote that.)

(One could play it as the MoDo Drinking Game, of course--sipping for silly, drinking for obnoxious, and chugging for patently false--if one thinks one's liver can survive that twice a week for very long. Anyone who plays this as a drinking game is, like Ford Prefect, playing to lose.)

Minute's up.

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