Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Which would you prefer: A ride with McCain or dinner with Obama?

We're close to the end of the first quarter 2008 reporting deadline for presidential candidate fundraising, and they're pulling out the heavy artillery: Face time.

Donate any amount to Obama by March 31st and your name goes into a drawing for dinner with Obama and three other donors (two seats reserved for new donors). Obama's email stresses the importance of small-dollar donors in his campaign.

Donate to McCain by March 31st and your name goes into the hat for a chance to hang out with McCain on the Straight Talk Express for a day. McCain asks for a minimum of $50 but encourages you to go up to the $2300 limit if possible.

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I haven't heard from the Clinton campaign to know if they have a meet-the-candidate raffle scheme in place too. If it's a bus ride with McCain and dinner with Obama, I wonder what Team Clinton will be offering? An afternoon at a paint ball camp might be a pretty good draw.

(Hat tip to Doctor TV for sharing the McCain ask.)

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