Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Follow-up: Paint ball camp loses to Sir Elton

Yesterday I noted that the McCain and Obama campaigns are raffling off face time with their candidates to try and boost their first-quarter fund-raising numbers. You could go for an intimate dinner with Obama, or a day's ride with McCain on the Straight-Talk Express.

(p3 correspondent Doctor TV noted that the odds of actually getting to, you know, talk to the candidate would be much better in the Obama/dinner party scenario.)

But where, I wondered, was Clinton? Wasn't she jumping on the raffle bandwagon? (I offered an idea which I still think has merit.)

Turns out she's joining the raffle round-up too, and is offering one of the biggest faces in the game: Send Hillary money by March 31st and get VIP tickets to an Elton John one-night-only concert in NYC.

(Click image to enlarge.)

The ask letter promises "Contribute today and you could see Hillary and Elton," as if they were going to cover one of his classics together, but the letter reassures Hillary's fans: "In the interest of harmony -- and melody -- I promise you there won't be any duets." So whatever else happens that night, the sun won't be going down on them.

One final note: If you donate to McCain and are fortunate enough to get picked, we recommend that you use whatever one-on-one time you do get with him to ask him how it feels to be violating the campaign finance laws that helped him build his so-called "maverick" reputation?

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