Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday toons

Daryl Cagle brings us this week's round-up, which is predictably heavy on Spitzer jokes (of which this, by Cagle, is probably the best) and sex-industry jokes (among which this, by Mike Lester, stands out).

p3 Picks of the Week: Mike Lane, Mike Keefe, Sandy Huffaker, M. e. Cohen), Henry, John Cole, and Drew Litton.

The p3 Critics' Choice Award for Best Adaptation of a Movie Theme goes to Eric Allie and R. J. Matson.

Ann Telnaes tracks the mud trajectory. (Until I started reading Telnaes' stuff, I never noticed how much John McCain is starting to look like famous character actor Percy Helton. Helton made a living out of playing characters who seemed trustworthy and harmless--remember Sweetface? McCain should be so lucky.)

Opus notes with disgust the depths to which men (and, by extension I guess, presidential candidates) can sink. (And by the way, if you're wondering, for the version in this morning's Oregonian that word was "baloney.")

Special p3 Bonus Toon: With the persistent possibility that the Oregon Democratic primary (still over two months away) might actually help decide something, Jesse Springer reviews our record so far:

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