Friday, February 1, 2008

Life after Edwards

Leah at Correntewire has a good post-mortem on the Edwards campaign (better even than this one).

(Note, by the way, that it's a post-mortem on the campaign, not the fellow himself. Like Al Gore, Edwards created a way for himself to continue public service after he was out of office, and I'm sure he'll go right back to that track now. It's the GOP presidential flameouts who tend to dive back into their Rolodexes and pick up their consulting and lobbying carriers where they left off.)

Several factors go into the mix: The tendency of Hillary and Obama to co-opt many of his themes; the failure of the campaign (as opposed to the candidate) to catch hold beyond white males; and--oh yeah, let's not forget--this:

(H/t to Digby.)

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