Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thompson: Nothing becomes his campaign like his ending it

This came out an hour or two ago:

The Great White Hope is going down for the count:

Ex-Sen. Fred Thompson has told several Republicans that he has decided to drop out of the presidential race and will make public his intentions by close of business.

Thompson does not plan to endorse any rivals for now, even though one of his best friends is Sen. John McCain.

We'll certainly miss him -- or, to be a little more honest, we'll miss recycling this gag. Still, politics, if it teaches us anything, teaches us to accept our disappointments with quiet grace and dignity.

Meanwhile, just to show there are no hard feelings, we have something special for the former senator: a p3 "Good Riddance" bumper sticker for the back of his golf cart.

We normally only award these to Republicans who've left office in disgrace and/or gone to prison, but we're ready to stretch the point and include self-styled white knights whose campaigns crashed and burned in a pretty public and embarrassing way.

(Don't worry, Rudy--we've got yours right here, ready to go.)

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Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Ahh ... the dream, she is over ...