Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In Oregon, Edwards and Romney lead the money game

(Updated below.)

CNN has an interactive map of state-by-state, county-by-county donations to the Republican and Democratic presidential campaigns as of January 7th.

Here in the Beaver State, the map reveals such tidbits as:

  • Statewide, Romney ($390,475) has far out-raised Edwards ($235,750).

  • In Mulnomah County, Romney ($184,425) out-raised Edwards ($136,325).

  • Of the still-active candidates, the worst Republican fundraiser in the state (Fred Thompson, $11,000) still raised four times the money that the worst Democratic fundraiser in the state brought in (Mike Gravel, $2700).

  • The voters of Harney, Grant, Wallowa, Sherman, Gillian, Morrow, Wheeler, and Lake counties have yet to cough up a dime for any candidate.

Update: Yes, it's nice that Dems actually have the edge over Repubs in campaign funding for the first time in decades, but don't get cocky: The right wing still has all those so-called "independent" organizations like Freedom's Watch. Freedom's Watch, as some of you may recall, first got in the game last fall to pressure members of Congress who were judged insufficiently supportive of Bush's Iraq war (including, superfluous as this might seem, Gordon "90 Per Cent" Smith).

(H/t to the omniscient Shawn. Cross-posted at Loaded Orygun.)

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