Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday morning toons: Special "Is this heaven?" "No, it's Iowa" edition

Daryl Cagle’s toon round-up this week is all about the majestic tableau vivant of democracy that is the Iowa caucuses.

p3 Special Mention goes to Steve Sack, Mike Lane, Mike Luckovich, Jeff Koterba, Daryl Cagle, and--oh, what the hell, let’s just "special mention" all of them if they remind us that this is a silly, self-absorbed way to pick a presidential candidate.

The p3 "Thanks for Remembering the Big Picture" Award goes to Steve Benson, because there are worse things than silly and self-absorbed--like, for instance, dictatorial and genocidal.

And for good measure, here's a Special "Greetings from Indianapolis" Toon.

Ann Telnaes measures the extent to which Junior has grown in office.

Opus treads the fine line that GOP presidential candidates know oh-so-well. We wish him good luck.

p3 Bonus Toon: After federal judge and Bush appointee Michael Mosman ruled in favor of a last-minute challenge to Oregon’s domestic partnership law—saying that petitioners who fell 96 signatures short (out of a required 55,000) of successfully qualifying their ballot measure (which would negate the domestic partnerships law if approved by voters) should have an opportunity to contest the roughly 7,000 signatures which were disqualified by the Oregon Elections Division--Jesse Springer takes a moment to consider the cruel jackboot of oppression and its victims:

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