Monday, January 7, 2008

Salvaging Rudy's campaign: A pop quiz

Q: Which one of these is not like the other two?

A: It's a trick question; they're obviously all pretty much interchangeable.

The only thing more frightening about Giuliani than the thought that he would campaign on this "noun, verb, '9/11'" hokum without believing a word of it is the thought that he really might believe all it. I join many other observers in hoping that his campaign really is circling the drain; he's a dangerously foolish man.

Postscript: Oh, what the hell. It doesn't really fit the ominous-growling-narration pattern, but let's throw in this gem, co-financed by convicted influence peddler and Rove White House crony Jack Abramoff, just for good measure:

Giuliani! 9/11! Wolverines!

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