Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday morning toons

It's an ill (Santa Ana) wind: The California wildfires turn out to be the cartoonists' boon this week: You can use them to get your digs in at the left or the right, or somewhere in between.

And let's not forget that last week Mel Martinez proved that there really are limits, thank you very much, to what even a loyal Republican button man is willing to endure to be the face of the Republican party.

p3 Special Mention of the Week goes to John Darkow for this homage. (Remember: In German, it's "Merkw├╝rdigeliebe.")

Check out Daryl Cagle's whole toon round-up here.

Opus faces the unpleasant possibility that global warming is indeed the product of a conspiracy--just not the one you think it is. (Salon Premium; non-subscribers get to sit through some ads.)

p3 Bonus Toon: Jesse Springer turns his eye to the controversy in Oregon's schools concerning Native Americans as school mascots. Isn't it spoiling the fun? Isn't that the point?

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