Friday, October 12, 2007

Colbert and Oregonian place each other On Notice--World reels

Actually, the Oregonian tallies it up and there have been several joshing shots at the Rose City in recent months on the Colbert Report (some, though, go back a year or two and are arguably grudge-holding on the O's account).

But the incident that seems to have kicked things up to a new level of noticery happened a couple of nights ago:

Probably the best rejoinder so far was posted over at Powell's site by one obviously peeved bookster:
"Hippie stronghold"?

"Portland is communist"?

These charges would be libelous except he spoke them aloud, which makes them slander!

Yes, it's true, Michael Powell has dreadlocks flowing to his knees and dresses in Birkenstocks with grey wool socks even at black-tie affairs — but who said Birks don't go with tuxedos, anyway?!

And okay, fine, he has given all his money and belongings to his employees and lives on a commune in the forest that borrows the exact design of the Ewok village from Return of the Jedi, up to and including the fur.

But I don't!

So take that Mr. Colbert.

(Graphic via the Stephen Colbert "On Notice" Generator)

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